Consultation and Prescription

Find Out If Medical Cannabis is Right For You

Please have your doctor fill out this referral form and send with a list of your medications by e-mail, fax or upload directly to us.

Once verified, you will be booked to be assessed by a Cura Cannabis health care professional. If you are approved for treatment, you will be given education about the product, a treatment plan, and a follow-up schedule.

Please note that health care professionals at Cura Cannabis Clinic will prescribe cannabis, but will not make any modifications to other pharmacological treatments.

Eligible Conditions

AnxietyFibromyalgiaMultiple Sclerosis
Arthritis / OsteoarthritisInflammationNerve Damage (Neuropathy)
CancerIrritable Bowel MovementPTSD
Chronic PainLower Back PainSelf-Medicating
DepressionMenstrual PainSleep Disorders

If you suffer from an eligible condition, and your symptoms are affecting your quality of life, medical cannabis may be right for you.

Consultation and Prescription