Appointments available with or  without a referral.

If you do not have a referral please request an appointment.

If  your doctor has filled out our  referral form please send it with a list of your medications by e-mail, fax or upload directly to us.

If you are a veteran and suffer from  PTSD,  Anxiety,  Depression,  Chronic Pain, Insomnia or any other eligible conditions (see table below), and your symptoms are affecting your quality of life, medical cannabis may be right for you.

Our team will ensure that all documents are in order to help facilitate full coverage of your medical cannabis covered by veterans affairs and blue cross insurance.

Please bring your VAC K-number, your approved medical diagnosis and a copy of one of the following documents to your first appointment:

  1. Official Decision Letter
  2. Summary of Assessment

Our educators are available by phone or email for any questions about your treatment plan.

Please note that health care professionals at Cura Cannabis Clinic will prescribe cannabis, but will not make any modifications to other pharmacological treatments.

Eligible Conditions

AnxietyFibromyalgiaMultiple Sclerosis
Arthritis / OsteoarthritisInflammationNerve Damage (Neuropathy)
CancerIrritable Bowel MovementPTSD
Chronic PainLower Back PainSelf-Medicating
DepressionMenstrual PainSleep Disorders